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Please note that 3 cl (30 ml) are approx. 1 ounce.
Always shake ingredients with a lot of ice and fill up with Champagne brut.

91 Chaki

2 cl Calvados, 5 cl Kinnie

92 Mandarin’s

4.5 cl Tangerine liqueur

93 VCBC Bomb

Each 1.5 cl: Vodka, Cointreau, Bénédictine, Cognac, lemon juice

94 Happy New Year

3 cl Vodka passion fruit, 4.5 cl passion fruit juice

95 Champagne Manhattan

4 cl Rye Whiskey, 2 cl Martini bianco

96 Negroni Champagne

2 cl Martini Rosso, 2 cl Campari

97 Russian Spark

3 cl Vodka, 1.5 cl Cointreau

98 The Champagne Cocktail

1 sugar cube, 2 dashes Angostura on the sugar cube, 1 cl cognac

99 Father’s Day (vla)

3 cl dry Port (sunset port)

100 Driver’s Kir (vla)

1.0 cl Crème de Cassis
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Please note that 3 cl (30 ml) are approx. 1 ounce.
Always shake ingredients with a lot of ice and fill up with Champagne brut.

81 Gintreau

4 cl Gin, 1.5 cl Contreau, 1.5 cl lemon juice

82 Champagne Cooler

2 cl Brandy, 1.5 cl triple sec

83 Monte Carlo Imperial

6 cl Gin, 1.5 cl Crème de Menthe green, 1 cl lemon juice

84 Regina Di Cuori

3 cl Gin, 3 cl strawberry juice, 1 cl port

85 Casablanca

3 cl orange juice, 1 dash Crème de Café

86 Mojito in Gondola

4.5 cl White Rum, juice of ½ lime, 2 dashes sugar syrup, 2 drops Angustra Bitter
Decoration: some mint leaves

87 Flirtini

3 cl Vodka, 6 cl pineapple juice

88 Bitter Lips

4.5 cl orange juice, 1.5 cl lemon juice, 1 dash of Angostura

89 Chpok

6 cl Vodka

90 Vampire’s Kiss

4 cl Vodka, 2 cl Chambord

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Please note that 3 cl (30 ml) are approx. 1 ounce.
Always shake ingredients with a lot of ice and fill up with Champagne brut.

71 Champagne Side-Car

1.5 cl Cointreau, 1.5 cl Orange liqueur, 1.5 cl lemon juice

72 Queen Mum

3 cl London Dry Gin

73 Tramonto Sul Garda

3 cl Beefeater Dry Gin, 1 dash Contreau, 1 dash pink grapefruit juice

74 Nightliner

Each 0.25 cl: Apricot brandy, Calvados, orange juice, lemon juice

75 French Kiss

3 cl Vodka, 1 dash Lillet Blanc

76 Eiffel View

3 cl Citrus Vodka, 1 dash Grenadine

77 Diavoletto

6 cl Aperol, 1.5 cl lemon juice, 6 cl strawberry puree

78 Blue Champagne

7.5 cl Blue Curacao

79 La Dolce Vita

3 cl Vodka, 3 cl Cointreau, 3 cl Campari

80 Stregatto

2 cl Brandy, 2 cl Martini sweet/mild, 2 cl orange juice

Please note that 3 cl (30 ml) are approx. 1 ounce.
Always shake ingredients with a lot of ice and fill up with Champagne brut.

61 Shangri-la

1 cl Gin, 0.5 cl Apricot brandy, 1 cl Orange juice, 2 dashes Grenadine
Decoration: one slice of orange and one slice of lemon

62 Grand Champagne

2 cl Grand Marnier, 2 cl orange juice , 1 cl lemon juice, 1 dash Angostura

63 Kir Royal

2 cl Crème de Cassis

64 Freddy

4 cl Peach brandy, 2 cl sugar syrup
Decoration: 1 slice of peach

65 Champagne Buck

3 cl Beefeater London Dry Gin, 1 dash Cherry brandy, 0.5 cl orange juice

66 Rossini

3 cl strawberry puree

67 Negroni Sbagliatio

3 cl Campari, 3 cl Martini Rosé
Decoration: a strip of orange peel

68 The Haugan

1 dash Peach brandy, 1 dash Créme de Mûres

69 Strawberry Malarky

4.5 cl Beefeater Gin, 2.5 cl triple sec, 2 strawberry puree

70 French Revolution

3 cl Brandy, 2 cl Raspberry liqueur

Please note that 3 cl (30 ml) are approx. 1 ounce.
Always shake ingredients with a lot of ice and fill up with Champagne brut.

51 Yellow Cat

2 cl Malibu, 2 cl Martini extra dry, 3 cl orange juice

52 American Champagne

2 cl Wild Turkey, 1 cl Southern Comfort, 2 cl blood orange juice

53 Fiji Cocktail

4 cl green Escorial, 2 cl Mango liqueur

54 Vulcano

3 cl Raspberry liqueur, 2 cl Blue Curacao

55 Sir Henry

3 cl Calvados, 2 cl Peach brandy, 3 cl orange juice

56 Ohio dry

4 cl Canadian Whisky, 1 cl Martini Rosso, 1 cl Martini Bianco, 1 cl triple sec, 1 dash Angostura

57 Gaston

4 cl Cognac, 1 cl Galliano, 1 cl Amaretto

58 Margaret Rose

3 cl Campari

59 Day Dreamer

1 cl Brandy, 0.25 cl Maraschino, 0.5 cl Orange Curacao, 0.5 cl Cherry liqueur, 1 dash Angostura
Decoration: 1-2 fresh cherries

60 Rototo

1 cl Bénédictine, 1 cl Cognac, 1 cl Orange Curacao, 1 cl Maraschino

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