Please note that 3 cl (30 ml) are approx. 1 ounce.
Always shake ingredients with a lot of ice and fill up with Champagne brut.

11 Count Anton Champagne

0.5 cl Curacao, 0.25 cl sugar syrup
Decoration: 2 raspberries or other pieces of fruit

12 Jade

0.5 cl Midori, 0.5 cl Blue Curacao, 0.5 cl lime juice, 1 dash of Angostura
Decoration: 1 slice of lime

13 Campari Fizz

2 cl Campari, 2 cl orange juice

14 The Footman

Puree 1 slice of peach with 1 cl Gin and 2 cl orange juice, then shake
Decoration: 1 slice of peach

15 Pear and Cinnamon Sling

4 cl Vodka, 4 cl pear puree, 1 cl cinnamon syrup, 1.5 cl sweetened cranberry juice
Decoration: 1 slice of pear

16 Alfonso

Place 1 sugar cube in the glass, add 2 dashes of Angostura, 2 cl of cooled Dubonnet
Decoration: 1 orange zest spiral

17 Royal Champagne

1.5 cl Vodka, 0.5 cl Cassis

18 Sparkling Gold

2 cl Golden Rum, 1 cl Cointreau

19 The Bentley

1 cl Brandy, 1 cl Peach liqueur or Peach brandy, 4 cl passion fruit juice

20 Chicago

2 cl Brandy, 1 dash Cointreau, 1 dash Angostura
Decoration: first dip the rim of the cocktail glass into egg white, then into sugar


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