Please note that 3 cl (30 ml) are approx. 1 ounce.
Always shake ingredients with a lot of ice and fill up with Champagne brut.

21 Dawn

2 cl Sherry (medium dry), 2 cl lime juice

22 Royal Julep

Crush 3 fresh mint leaves on a sugar cube with 2 dashes of
Jack Daniels, put in the glass and add 2 cl Jack Daniels
Decoration: 1 mint leaf

23 Pick-me-up

2 cl Brandy, 3 dashes of Curacao, 3 dashes of Fernet-Branca

24 Lady Luck

2 cl Calvados, 2 cl pear juice or 1 cl Pear liqueur
Decoration: 1 slice of pear

25 Wild Silk

Mix 2 cl Raspberry liqueur and 1 cl cream with 3 raspberries
Decoration: 1 raspberry

26 Serpentine

1 cl Crème de Menthe green, 1 cl lime juice
Decoration: 1 tea spoon of grated lime zest

27 Monte Carlo

1 cl gin, 0.5 cl Crème de Menthe green, 0.5 cl lemon juice
Decoration: 1 mint twig

28 Kir Imperial

2 cl Vodka, 2 cl Créme de Cassis

29 Long Tall Sally

0.5 cl Brandy, 0.5 cl Vermouth dry, 0.5 cl Galliano, 0.5 cl Tangerine liqueur

30 Grape Expectations

Mix 4 red grapes with a dash of Tangerine liqueur
Decoration: 2 halved grapes without seeds


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